Zhijing Jin
Passionate Promoter of Happiness
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Making the World a Better Place


English | Mandarin | Japanese | Cantonese | Wu Chinese| Basic German


CS | Math | Effective Communication | Confident Presentation | Team Spirit


Wide academic interests | Wish to combine Technology with Spirituality, thus encouraging WISER and HAPPIER LIVING


Research Interests

⚫  Language Style Transfer

⚫  Information Extraction (IE)

⚫  Story Understanding

⚫  NLP's Application on Social Science, Education and Well-being

Work in Progress

⚫  [NAACL, 2019 Submission] Iterative Matching and Translation: A Novel Framework for Text Style Transfer. Zhijing Jin, Di Jin, Jonas Mueller, Nicholas Matthews, and Enrico Santus.


⚫  [ArXiv] GraphIE: A Graph-Based Framework for Information Extraction. Yujie Qian, Enrico Santus, Zhijing Jin, Jiang Guo, and Regina Barzilay.

⚫  [ArXiv] 3D Traffic Simulation for Autonomous Vehicles in Unity and Python. Zhijing Jin, Tristan Swedish, and Ramesh Raskar.