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Research Scientist Intern at Amazon AI (2019-now)
& Ph.D. at Max Planck Institute, Germany (2020-now)
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I am an enthusiastic NLP researcher and effective altruist. I am a PhD in NLP and Causality with Bernhard Schoelkopf at Max Planck Institute, Tuebingen, Germany, and also a research scientist intern with Amazon AI. I am in the meantime mentored by Prof Rada Mihalcea from University of Michigan. My dream is to be a professor and actively promote AI for social good. To this end, I am engaged in Effective Altruism, a social movement to involve people in doing good with high efficiency. Previously, I obtained my bachelor’s degree (1st Class Honors) from the University of Hong Kong. [More info]

Here is a list of topics I work on:

  • Text Generation TextGen: Text style transfer; KG-to-text generation; adversarial generation (for NLP robustness Robust).
  • Information Extraction IE: Relation Extraction (RE); Named Entity Recognition (NER).
  • Medical AI Medical: NER on clinical notes; clinical outcome prediction.
  • Causality & Language: Two ongoing projects in this promising virgin field.
  • I also have a growing interest in philosophy, epistemology, and how to improve the political system. Feel free to contact me for interdisciplinary research.



TextGen IE Deep Learning for Text Attribute Transfer: A Survey
Di Jin*,Zhijing Jin*, Zhiting Hu, Rada Mihalcea
arXiv 2020 / Paper

TextGen IE GenWiki: A Dataset of 1.3 Million Content-Sharing Text and Graphs for Unsupervised Graph-to-Text Generation
Zhijing Jin*, Qipeng Guo*, Xipeng Qiu, Zheng Zhang
COLING 2020 / Paper / Poster / Code

Robust Tasty Burgers, Soggy Fries: Probing Aspect Robustness in Aspect-Based Sentiment Analysis
Xiaoyu Xing*, Zhijing Jin*, Di Jin, Bingning Wang, Qi Zhang, Xuanjing Huang
EMNLP 2020 / Paper / Code

TextGen Fork or Fail: Cycle-Consistent Training with Many-to-One Mappings
Qipeng Guo, Zhijing Jin, Ziyu Wang, Xipeng Qiu, Weinan Zhang, Jun Zhu, Zheng Zhang, David Wipf
Submitted to AISTATS 2020 / Paper / Code

IE Relation of the Relations: A New Paradigm of the Relation Extraction Problem
Zhijing Jin*, Yongyi Yang*, Xipeng Qiu, Zheng Zhang
EMNLP 2020 (later withdrawn) / Paper / Code

TextGen Hooks in the Headline: Learning to Generate Headlines with Controlled Styles
Di Jin, Zhijing Jin, Tianyi Joey Zhou, Lisa Orii, Peter Szolovits
ACL 2020 Talk / Paper / Code / Slides

TextGen IE CycleGT: Unsupervised Graph-to-Text and Text-to-Graph Generation via Cycle Training
Qipeng Guo*, Zhijing Jin*, Xipeng Qiu, Weinan Zhang, David Wipf, Zheng Zhang
arXiv 2020 / Paper / Code

TextGen A Simple Baseline to Semi-Supervised Domain Adaptation for Machine Translation
Di Jin, Zhijing Jin, Tianyi Joey Zhou, Peter Szolovits
arXiv 2020 / Paper / Code

Robust Is BERT Really Robust? A Strong Baseline for Natural Language Attack on Text Classification and Entailment
Di Jin*, Zhijing Jin*, Tianyi Joey Zhou, Peter Szolovits
AAAI 2020 (20.6%) / Paper / Code / Slides / Poster / MIT News / ACM TechNews / WeVolver / VentureBeat / Synced (Chinese)
Oral Presentation

Medical An Artificial Intelligence Algorithm to Identify Documented Symptoms in Patients with Heart Failure who Received Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy
Richard Leiter, Enrico Santus, Zhijing Jin, Katherine Lee, …, Charlotta Lindvall
JPSM 2020 / Article / Code

Medical Deep Natural Language Processing to Identify Symptom Documentation in Clinical Notes for Patients with Heart Failure Undergoing Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy (CRT)
Richard Leiter*, Enrico Santus*, Zhijing Jin, Katherine Lee, …, Charlotta Lindvall
AAHPM 2020 / Paper / Code

TextGen IMaT: Unsupervised Text Attribute Transfer via Iterative Matching and Translation
Zhijing Jin*, Di Jin*, Jonas Mueller, Nicholas Matthews, Enrico Santus
EMNLP 2019 / Paper / Code

IE GraphIE: A Graph-Based Framework for Information Extraction
Yujie Qian, Enrico Santos, Zhijing Jin, Jiang Guo, Regina Barzilay
NAACL 2019 / Paper / Code

Tool 3D Traffic Simulation for Autonomous Vehicles in Unity and Python
Zhijing Jin, Tristan Swedish, Ramesh Raskar
arXiv 2018 / Paper / Code

CogSci Prediction of Story Ending with Optimistic and Pessimistic Mindsets
Zhijing Jin, Prof. Patrick Winston (1943-2019)

Tool Word Representations for Computing Semantic Relatedness
Zhijing Jin, Xiaolong Gong, Linpeng Huang
In contribution to the AAAI 2018 paper.

Tutorial & Survey

NLP Graph Neural Net Applications for Natural Language Processing
Xipeng Qiu, Zhijing Jin, Xiangkun Hu
Paper 2020