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Research Overview

Before starting my PhD (from undergrad to 2020), I spent huge efforts to get familiarized with many subtasks of NLP, including
Text Generation TextGen (11 papers): 6 papers on Graph-to-text generation; 3 papers on text style transfer (EMNLP 2019, ACL 2020, CL Journal 2021 survey); 2 papers on adversarial text generation (for NLP robustness Robust; AAAI 2020 oral, EMNLP 2020).

Information Extraction IE (7 papers): 4 papers on Relation Extraction (RE) (EMNLP 2020, AISTATS 2021, COLING 2020, arXiv 2021), 3 papers on Named Entity Recognition (NER) (NAACL 2019, Medical JPSM 2020, AAHPM 2020).


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