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To Prospective Students

What research I’m interested in hosting

  1. Regular projects: Topics that align with my research agenda (CausalNLP / multi-agent LLMs / NLP for political analysis / …) — we will figure out the best intersection of your_interest and my_interest in our Zoom interviews. I’m happy to start from what you are interested in, and design a project for you.
  2. Hands-off test projects: There are a bunch of directions that I’m speculating, and I’m happy to host students who are able to very independently finish a project on the following (where I will be a hands-off mentor on the specific topic, but hands-on for general research suggestions or mentorship resources):
    • Building more capable models for SWE-bench and GT-bench: If you have some good ideas about how to improve the models to be better at any of the above datasets, then you will have a high chance of my response :).
    • Building more efficient LLMs
    • See more project ideas here.

How to Apply

For undergrad/master/gap-year students interested in a research project with me, I usually look for students who can devote 6 months to 2 years of time to work with me. I currently have several channels through which I can supervise students:

  • If you are an ETH Master or Undergrad student (usually looking for thesis projects, semester projects, or general research experience): Feel free to fill out this form. If you are a good match, I have the capacity to co-supervise you, and host you in one of the labs of my co-advisors. In your official documents, your project co-supervisors will be both me and one of my co-advisor (either Prof Bernhard Schoelkopf or Prof Mrinmaya Sachan). If needed later, we can also jointly write a recommendation letter for you when it helps a later stage in your career path.

  • If you found me through the SPAR program, feel free to fill in the same form. And I’ll get in contact if we are a fit.
  • If you are a Master or Undergrad at any university, but interested in working with Prof Bernhard Schoelkopf: Feel free to fill out this form. Bernhard and I can co-supervise you at our EI lab at Max Planck Institute, in Tuebingen, Germany. You can optionally choose to be an intern with us in person, or just remotely collaborate.

  • If you aim to apply for a PhD with me in a foreseeable future 🧑‍🎓🌟: I will become an incoming professor soon (still yet to decide which university, but should be known soon before June 1), and will be involved in the PhD selection process of Dec 2024 for my students. It will be an advantage if you have already worked with me, so I can have a better prediction of how life will be with you as my PhD for five or so years. Everything is about what reliable and strong signals I can get when predicting the future five years with you. Such signals can be from your papers and recommendation letters when you apply, and can also be from direct interaction with you through a past project. Here is the specific form for students who want to pre-PhD research projects with me before applying to me.

  • If you just aim in general at gaining research experience with my mentorship (e.g., as a master/undergrad/gap-year student, or wanting to do research in your spare time regardless of your day job): Feel free to fill out this form. As long as we are a good match for each other, I’m open for remote collaboration anytime, or in-person hosting in a case-by-case decision as it requires lots more administrative procedures.

Among the above, I have the largest hosting capacity through remote collaboration, and in-person interns/visitors at MPI in Tuebingen, although all channels are possible if we are a good match for each other :).

To second-time applicants

If you or applying to me the second time or more, then the most important thing is to highlight your “growth / change” between your recent two applications. For example, you should have an annotated CV contrasting the difference of your old version and the new version (similar to a journal article revision). You can also write a google doc of any skill or experience differences when filling out corresponding answers in the application form. Regardless of whether you get it this time or not, I want to say kudos for your growth!